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Realtalkwithabby is an organization that supports women from all walks of life by teaching them how to develop their career and tap into their own potential ideas or business ideas, and build strong families.
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Welcome to Realtalkwithabby

At Realtalkwithabby, we believe in the inherent strength and potential of every woman and teen around the world. Our mission is to guide and inspire, fostering a community where individuals can discover their true selves, both physically and spiritually.

Through a harmonious blend of faith, personal development, and community support, we empower women and teens to embrace their unique journey and become the individuals they are designed to be.

Experience Faith-Fueled Growth

What We Offer

Empowerment Seminars

Join our insightful seminars designed to boost self-esteem, enhance self-confidence, and provide practical tools for personal growth. Whether you’re navigating relationships, building a career, or shaping your family’s future, our seminars cover it all.

Relationship Insights

Explore the dynamics of dating, parenting, and marriage through our discussion groups. Our experts offer valuable insights and practical advice to help you build strong, fulfilling relationships.

Career Development

Unlock your professional potential with our career development programs. From identifying your passion to launching your own business, we provide the guidance and resources needed to turn your dreams into reality.

Our Approach

Our approach is rooted in a commitment to fostering holistic empowerment among women and teens globally. We believe in a multifaceted journey of self-discovery that encompasses physical, spiritual, and personal development.  

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Guided by Faith, Empowered by Strength

We envision a world where the potential of every woman knows no bounds. In our commitment to empowerment, we believe in breaking through barriers and propelling women to new heights of strength, purpose, and achievement.

Realtalkwithabby is a beacon for those who dare to dream beyond conventional limits. We empower women to rise above societal expectations and limitations, fostering an environment where every ambition is valid, and every aspiration is within reach.

Real Talk



Inspire ➺ Empower ➺ Strength ➺

Personal Transformation

We are a catalyst for personal transformation. It’s about more than change; it’s about embracing your true self, stepping into your power, and becoming the person you are destined to be. Your journey with us is a celebration of your uniqueness and the endless possibilities within you.

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We strongly believe in God and our concepts are guided by our strong faith in God. We are able to impact each and every precious woman and teen through the grace of God.

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